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Cartier’s elegant latest jewelry

Cartier’s latest jewelry, elegant, vivid curves in the interpretation of the beauty of Cartier. Rings and necklaces decorated emerald and sapphire eyes feather parrot true to life likeness.

But the advent of this bracelet seemed cool breeze, blowing in the everyone lost heart, so that people to believe in the goodness of love and loyalty, re discover the power of the respect and trust. Diamonds surround the emerald: Cartier in the biennial new offer debut of 148 Dé paysement series of senior jewelry boutique, 12 pieces of precious ornaments, and part of Cartier antique series of jewelry.

Superb artistry, so that a long ladder shaped cutting with a round cut diamond intersection, until the complete cover. Every step should strive for perfection, which is the difference between excellence and excellence.

Cartier diamond, 18K White Gold 6 pear shaped diamonds (weight 0.6 karats) and 84 single round bright type cutting diamond (total 0.6 karats) natural diamond and design style with diamond surrounded by and of flowers lingering interleaving?? Impertinente – Frank – Luxembourg Gardens.


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New Design Cartier love series Bracelet

Cartier love series Bracelet profile was born in New York Cartier Design Studio ” love bracelet ” it is taking a screw as a ” Media ” and originality in a specifically with screwdriver and lock the two semicircular rings, the never regret, become complete and perfect, as if in the world struggling to find a half of each other and finally meet, combination, body and mind blends. Figure 2 the Chanel ” 1932″ top jewelry series ” Cé leste” a brooch, studded with 881 star weighing a total of 1.26 carats of brilliant cut diamonds, and baroque pearls from Australia, Indonesia pearl and Akoya pearls.

China and Japan influence is reflected in with carved jade, pearls, coral, lacquer, such as process of novel use; antiques from the east to collect back the crane, dragon, and other creatures with strong symbolic elements, combined with Cartier’s usual Art Deco style at that time and, with a modern black outline collisions between the lines and colors, also reflected the Cartier walking in front of the times, leading the design characteristics of the trend of the times. Even their bedroom walls are decorated on the Panthere pattern.

Over the years, Cartier will love bracelets inspiration continuously for jewelry, watches, leather goods, perfumes and accessories, each a have become respected classic masterpiece. Thus, small screw, the achievements of a classic legend in the history of jewelry in the world, over the years, numerous celebrities Ladult Hunqianmengrao, constantly follow.

In 1924, Cartier cigarette glazed turquoise carved out a vivid flutist. And Cartier halls Jane extraction Zoran elegance warm red mix of modern decoration, exhibit the Duchess of Windsor, Duchess of Windsor, distinguished and elegant.

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